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Company History

Voyager Marine Ltd. was founded in 1995 by, J.R.(Rice) Elkington, a naval architect and marine project manager. Rice designed, and built 70 ft. Motor Yachts in the former Canoe Cove Mfg. shop where he had worked for years as `architect in residence’ with the crew he assembled. In the summer of 1997 Doug Kind met up with Rice, and with there combined thoughts and ambition, early designs began to evolve into what is now our 540 Pilothouse.

The company has grown since 1998 from a staff of two, to a total of approximately 35. Voyager’s growth has been achieved with significant funding by partner and C.EO. Doug Kind and Marketing Director Ian Kind. With competent staff and management these people are building a new company dedicated to the construction of "World Class" yachts.

Product Development

At Voyager Marine Ltd. we are constantly evolving our design and construction process as new products and techniques become available. We are a small semi-custom builder with low overhead, offering superior design and functionality.

Also under review are are preliminary lines for a 60' Pilothouse which is scheduled for development in 2001.

Our Commitment

To build an elegant motor yacht that offers practical functionality, superior handling, safety and visibility, at a very competitive price.


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